February 28, 2024

How To Manage Your SEO With

This article breaks down our strategic approach: from identifying precise keywords, enhancing content, personalizing for different personas, to the irreplaceable role of human expertise in sustaining content quality.

Unlocking the full potential of SEO is essential for B2B tech companies. This article breaks down our strategic approach: from identifying precise keywords, enhancing content, personalizing for different personas, to the irreplaceable role of human expertise in sustaining content quality.


  1. Define Precise Keywords
  2. Enhance Content Around Keywords
  3. Personalize for Marketing Personas
  4. Employ Human Expertise

1. Define Precise Keywords

At the heart of every successful SEO strategy lies the methodic identification of keywords. At Sequens, we use data analysis tools such coupled with the expertise of our team to define a list of keywords.

Focusing on keywords specifically suited to your domain is essential; it ensures that the content you create aligns with the interests and needs of your target audience. To illustrate, from a list of approximately 100 keywords identified, we may start on a strategic pair each month, guaranteeing optimization and content relevance.

Selecting the right keywords isn't just about visibility; it's also about capturing the essence of the terms with potential traffic for your content.

This process isn't static; it requires continuous attention to search trends. For instance, we might identify a keyword like "SEO strategy template," which, despite having a search volume of over 200 per month, is considered easy to rank for and presents opportunities for rank improvement through content initiatives.

For a B2B tech company specializing in data analytics software for example, identifying keywords related to 'predictive analysis' or 'data visualization trends' could prove advantageous. By honing in on these terms, you may increase the chances of appearing as a thought leader to prospective clients searching for these solutions.

Keyword I just looked for: "What should be the first step of a structured seo plan?" is 100 monthly searches (Jan. 24), and is very easy to rank. (So I just built it with Sequens in 15 minutes:

2. Enhance Content Around Keywords

Crafting content isn’t just about filling pages; it’s about enhancing every aspect of the material around your chosen keywords. This involves producing articles that meet the suitable length, around 800 to 1200 words for engagement, and dive deep into topics. Ensuring the content covers all facets of the topic makes the difference in retaining reader interest.

Addressing a topic precisely isn't merely about sticking to a script; it's about developing a narrative that resonates with and captivates your readers. We aim to create materials that not just inform but also engage your audience. The quality of content encourages readers to trust your brand as an authority.

For example, an article tackling the 'implementation of AI in supply chain management' should explore real-world applications, challenges, and future prospects.

For a tech company delivering cybersecurity solutions, an article could examine recent cybersecurity breaches, discuss preventative measures, and how their product fits into this narrative.

An engaging piece like this could enhance your search authority by providing content that is both informative and engaging.

For example, using this insightful article of OpenAI on prompt engineering, we produced this article with Sequens: How Can You Craft Effective Prompt for Top Results

3. Personalize for Marketing Personas

Understanding the personas within your marketing strategy is crucial for creating content that connects and engages. We segment content according to different personas, ensuring that the material speaks to the challenges, interests, and pain points of each subgroup. This is done by using various formats — from blogs and infographics to webinars and podcasts — catering to each persona's preferred content consumption habits.

Keeping your strategy updated and relevant is an ongoing task that requires regular analysis and tweaking. For example, a marketing director might find that whitepapers resonate well with CTOs, whereas webinars are more engaging for tech managers looking to upskill. By staying attuned to these nuances and updating content strategies accordingly, your messaging remains sharp and effective.

Imagine you're targeting department heads in B2B tech companies seeking software solutions. You might offer a comparative whitepaper or a Q&A webinar as a lead magnet. These formats serve the functional details desired by this persona and position your brand as a helpful industry leader.

Content development is adapted to cater to marketing personas, enhancing personalization.

4. Employ Human Expertise

Maintain content quality and consistency with a 'Human first, AI as a support' approach.

At, the quality and coherence of content should not be left to AI alone. This is where our human experts come in, blending their industry knowledge with AI's data-processing prowess to verify that every piece of content not only matches the client's objectives but also resonates with their brand voice. The project owner plays a vital role, reviewing and ensuring that every story aligns with your company's mission and values.

The significance of human oversight cannot be overstated. AI is effective at managing and analyzing large datasets, predicting trends, and generating content frameworks. However, the nuances of language, the subtleties of a brand's tone, and the strategic positioning of content within the marketing narrative require a human touch.

Consider, for instance, the alignment between content and your business objectives. It's not about keyword stuffing; it's about weaving keywords seamlessly into narratives that drive engagement and conversion.

A project owner could review blog posts intended for C-suite executives and notice an opportunity to include case studies that speak to their strategic interests. They might also adjust the tone to match the executive communication style, striking the right balance, ensuring the content resonates with its intended audience.

The human element in Sequens' process ensures quality and consistency in content creation.

Bridging the technical and human aspects of SEO, we've explored how precise keyword selection, content enhancement, persona personalization, and human expertise form a cohesive strategy for B2B tech marketing.

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