15 years in B2B Marketing and Tech

Octave worked for the past 15 years in Marketing, at Google, as a CMO in a exited tech company, and launched multiple SaaS. Ghassane worked for 15 years at huge tech companies, unicorns and manage dozens of developers. Since AI paving the way, they work together to build the new era of human-AI work.


We used AI-tools and there is always mistakes, it's never custom with our brand DNA, and we need to do it in-app so it's time-consuming. So for professional who wants quality, peace of mind, people to interact with, while paying twice less a freelance CMO. We're here for you.

Since when?

We are building the product since april 2023. AI will improve fast, but we believe professionals will always trust a final check by human.

Where are we going?

We don't plan to stop here. We truly believe in a new world where people and AI will work together in simple and intuitive apps. AI working for 80%, human for the 20% input/output check. Paying less, having more and better.

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