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Provide value to your audience, on all channels, and increase your lead pipeline thanks to fine-tuned AI, and experts to review your SEO, Social and Lead Gen contents.

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✅ B2B expertise
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✅ Content review

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Marketing contents checked

5 steps to scale your content marketing

Thanks to our fine-tuned B2B AI, publish your content marketing with peace of mind and watch your lead pipeline grow.


Introduce Your Brand

Share details about your brand, your target audience, and your unique value proposition.


Your Project Owner is Assigned

Meet your new team mate, he will work closely with you to understand your specific needs.


Content Creation by AI

Our AI is not just a tool; it's a team of digital experts. From journalists and marketers to copywriters, social media managers, and web designers, our AI embodies these roles to deliver high-quality content.


Expert Review and Refine

Once AI has done its magic, our expert check the content with your feedback.


Publish and Analyze

Your content is ready to go live! Publish across your channels and watch your audience engage.

Join the new era of work

Generate your first contents today, and receive all your marketing content once a month.

Protect your clients

Security & Confidentiality

ChatGPT is not secure, potentially compromising your client's data. Our platform and APIs ensure the confidentiality of your clients.

Get your own ton of voice

100% custom and tone-of-voice oriented

We tailor the tone and writing style to suit your unique voice and to adapt it for each channel.

Talk with your new team mate

Reviewed by the community

Our expert community reviews AI-generated content, ensuring top-quality results ready for publishing. From month two, your project owner can manage everything from SEO strategy to content review, saving you time to focus on your expertise.

Get the 3 Pillars of B2B Marketing

We want to build a new era of work where AI and humans work closely together, increasing quality and reducing time-consuming tasks.
Do you believe in it too? Join us today.

SEO Blogs

Get SEO-friendly blog posts that you can publish on your blog, LinkedIn Pulse, or Medium.

Social Posts

You are on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook? Get the most inspirational post with your own tone of voice.

Lead Gen

Don't stop at SEO or social media, get your scripts for email nurturing, whitepapers, webinars, podcasts, and much more!

Top Features

We're building features with your feedback.
Join the flow.

SEO Focus

We identify your top SEO keywords to help increase your traffic in a few weeks.

Kanban project management

Simplifies control for project owners and teams


Edit sentences directly with AI for easy content improvements

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Custom brand of voice

We always use your brand's guidelines

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Start increasing your traffic and your lead pipeline today by increasing value to your audience.

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